CE marking

CE marking : Optimal traceability for our sawing products

CE marking has been introduced by the European Community to ensure the conformity of sawing products when it comes to basic security, health and reliability rules. It also allows free movements in Europe.

CE marking isn’t just a label. By marking our sawing products, we commit to ensuring the traceability of the wood we sell, from the plot to the logyard. We are thus able to provide a high-quality level of information about the wood origins and mechanical resistance to our clients.

In order to meet the Construction Products Directive demands (89/106/CEE), includind the CE marking provisions, our sawmill certifies the strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section conformity. We chose the visual classification method for structural sawings, as defined in the NF B 52-001 standard from 2011.

An independent organism evaluates the tracking processes we established to monitor and certify our production.

All our products are CE marked, with our contact information and the product’s main features: wood species, cross-section, length, quantity, treatment, and use classification.

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