Our products

Our sawing products : quality and respect of delivery time

Our sawmill offers a wide variety of sawing products : lumber, wood packaging, formwood wood. We work throughout France with numbers of construction companies, craftsmen and personal customers , and wish to make our english clients benfit from the quality timber of our Auvergne region.

See our catalog of sawing products, from wood only originating from close locations to our sawmill in the Haute-Loire region : lath, chevrons, rafters, battens, wood boards, poles…

All our products are made with local softwood species : silver fir, spruce and Douglas pine.

For a better preservation of our products, we pay careful attention to their preparation and packaging. That’s why your package are composed of ranks separated by an assembly of battens, allowing the best possible ventilation.

Professional or personal customer, choosing our sawing products for your framework or masonry, you’re choosing quality.

For any question on our sawing products, our team provides personal advice, and puts all of its expertise and experience at your service.