Outdoor layout

Outdoor layout : dress up your facades with a douglas-pine cladding

You wish to refurbish or renew your outdoor layout and more particularly modernize your facade ? You would like to create a modern and cosy atmosphere with a nice wooden cladding for your outdoor layout ? See our douglas-pine cladding solutions to enhance your house and make a distinctive and elegant look for a small price.

Douglas-pine cladding : compromise between design and technological sophistication.

With its high mechanical and esthetical properties, the douglas is a well-adapted softwood type for outdoor layouts. Its brown color with pinkish hisglights evolves with time and weather to a beautiful silver grey color. If you’d rather keep the original look of your cladding, you can apply an anti-UV wood stain layer.

Our claddings are made with wood coming from sustainable forests in the Auvergne region. They are machined within the heart of the tree (i.e. not in the sapwood) in order to garantee a high time and weather resistance. Naturally employment class III, the douglas thus conjugates mechanical and esthetical properties.

Auvergne sawmill : see our different wooden claddings.

We offer you a selection of claddings : 21 mm thick, 132 mm wide on 3 or 4 m, untreated, less than 10% sapwood or autoclaved class III pine wood. A wooden cladding is a long terme alternative solution to the usual construction materials for you facade. Besides its esthetical advantages, a wooden cladding, thanks to its natural thermal insulation properties, helps preventing heat loss. Sound insulation is also greatly improved !

Wish to redecorate your house with a naturally lasting material ? We offer you adapted solutions with wooden claddings machined in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.