PEFC certification

PEFC certification : Together for an ecofriendly approach

PEFC is a European program for forests certification recognition, launched by private owners and operators.

Being PEFC certified, Borie’s sawmill chose several years ago to purchase from sustainable exploitation. Based in the Auvergne region, it is of primary importance to us to fit within a respectful approach of the nature around us and offer eco-responsible products. That’s why we pay an extra-attention to the protection of the extraordinary forest massif we get our raw material from.

Keeping this eco-friendly approach initiated by our predecessors, we take into account the sustainable development requirements, and contribute, at our level, to the preservation and transmission of the Auvergne region natural resources to the future generations.

Increasingly sought after, the PEFC certification meets the consumer concerns and public regulations.

From the forest owner to the sawing products seller, through the forest operator, we remain vigilant as regards the wood traceability, to offer you a high quality sawing while preserving Auvergne forest massifs.

See our PEFC certification here