ISPM 15 – Preservative treatment

Wood packaging material : preventive treatment ISPM 15

ISPM 15 treatment is an international standard for wood phytosanitary measures. It regulates wood packaging material and dunnage merchandizing.

In order to determinate the origin of wood packaging material, the International Standard (ISPM 15) for Raw Wood Packaging Materials was adopted under the Convention Plant Protection International.(IPPC)

Established in 2003, this international standard aims at reducing the spread of wood parasites. Harmful organisms are eliminated by performing a ISPM 15 heat treatment. This standard provides for the wood packaging material to be heat treated and to be marked.

The process consists of heating raw materials that are destined to be turned into packaging wood such as pallets. Boards must be at least 6 mm thick. The heart of the wood has to reach a temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes for the heat treatment to be efficient.

Although this operation is subcontracted, ISPM 15 heat treatment for our woods packaging material leads to the regulatory marking with the IPPC logo, our ID code and the measurement code.